Blue Desert (Art Direction by Ilseh Busarelo)

by Ilseh Busarelo / Gorgeonstars

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Art direction by Ilseh Busarelo
follow her on twitter @ilsehscafe

twiter: @gorgeonstars


released December 1, 2015



all rights reserved


GORGE ON STARS Compton, California

twitter: @gorgeonstars

i hate u

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Track Name: Owl of Observation
Owl of Observation
Teapot of hidden green mountains
Which goes about its days silently.
When valleys collapse on its porcelain back,
it yells for rebirth to come and help it.
And in the meantime it lives simplistically,
and the owl of observation peaks every hour.
It rests within the mother of all forests,
who hovers above and watches it sleep.
It never asks the earth of too much,
except for binding its eyes with the luxury of its nature.
It never asks the earth of too much,
but to share its condolences,
when the valleys collapse on its porcelain back.

-Ilseh Busarelo
Track Name: Table Of Spring
Table of Spring
Blanket of words,
sleeping soundlessly underneath it.
Making the season of poetry,
absent of desperation.
Discomfort is wicked,
it plays the night on the chessboard of conversation.
Splitting seeds on the table of spring,
with the blanket of words,
whom is woven with fine silk of vanishing silence.
The wind shifts direction,
when faced with confusion.
Your hands speak louder than your eyes.
Gestures of chimneys rising with anger,
gestures of willows whispering wisdom,
gestures of hands shriveling with age.

-Ilseh Busarelo
Track Name: Reign Of Concept
Reign of Concept
Unfamiliar with impatience,
time burns sweet like sugar.
I try to build theoretical bridges,
on my platform of questions.
I order all my thoughts like dominos in quicksand,
watching them sink and grasping them before they are swallowed,
rearranging them again.
I like to watch them knock down one after the other,
I will never be as quick or surpass their crown of majesty,
that is the beauty of conceptual expansion.
It is the speed of light that exists behind my eyes,
I only travel with it but never intend to master its reign.

-Ilseh Busarelo
Track Name: Greeted by Lunar Orbits
Greeted by Lunar Orbits
Counting stars,
in the plastic bottle of desire.
Bypassing each other like incompatible liquids.
The center is the speck of illusion.
Wherever they move, is the midpoint of everything.
Counting moons,
and mixing their shades on the palate of wonder.
Where the skies sing their names,
and their orbits greet.
Counting suns,
unhatching their rays in the bank of the universe.

-Ilseh Busarelo